How to Use 1xBet Bonus Code: Conditions And Rules

The best thing about the 1xBet platform is the bonus range. There are several bonuses for every user on the platform. The category of bonuses depends on several factors like if you are a new user or an old one, the frequency with which you use the forum, etc.

How to use 1xBet bonus? Users who have just joined the forum may not know the ways in which their bonuses may work or about offer conditions. You must know bonus rules if you desire to access and utilize your bonus benefits, without going through any hassle. You can utilize the services and avail the bonuses throughout several regions. For example bonus for India etc.

You need to know how to use a bonus and the rules to get it? Also if you are thinking about a 1xBet bonus account’s benefits, we have all the details for you. Please keep reading on and you will know everything.

1xBet bonus

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1xBet bonus code explanation

One bonus that your receive through 1xBet is the amount of cash that you can use to place bets. The exact figure is dependant on the bonus type you are offered. There is a lot of bonus variation ranging from the welcome bonus to promotional bonuses and many more.

To access your bonuses, you first need to deposit a small amount in your bonus account. After doing so you will be eligible to avail of the bonus. There are some 1xBet bonus rules that you need to follow.

Claim bonus 130 euro

1xBet welcome bonus conditions

After you have signed up for 1xBet, you will be eligible to access the benefits of a 1xBet bonus. As you are a new player on the site, the platform wants to ensure that you enjoy your first experience and make your mind to come back again. This is the reason for giving you a quick welcome bonus.
This is one generous bonus, to say the least, giving you €1500 and an additional 150 completely free spins. Amazed yet?

Additionally, a 1xBet bonus divides up in 4 deposit bonuses.

These bonuses are mentioned below:

  • For 1st deposit – A 100% for a maximum of €300 with free spins up to 30.
  • For 2nd deposit –A 50% for a maximum of €350 with free spins up to 35.
  • For 3rd deposit –A 25% for a maximum of €400 with free spins up to 40.
  • For 4th deposit – A 25% for a maximum of €450 with free spins up to 45.

If you agree with every bonus rule, you are all set to receive your welcome bonus, how to use 1xBet bonus account depends entirely on you now. You may be wondering “how can I use my bonus”? It’s entirely your choice and the availability of tournaments.

1xBet deposit bonus code

Claim bonus 130 euro

How to use 1xBet deposit bonus code

Besides the 1xBet bonus money that you will receive when signing up for the website, you can also receive an additional bonus after making your initial deposit.

First deposit bonuses are available to anyone who is registering and making their first deposit, which could be as small as €1. The great thing regarding the bonus is that you receive the bonus matching the amount you deposit. To get the maximum available bonus, which is €130, you have to deposit €100 or more and enter the promo code.

100% first deposit bonus is activated the very moment you make your first deposit and al the benefits are available to you. The key thing to remember here is that your 1xBet deposit bonus must be utilized within 3 days of making your initial deposit. Otherwise, the offer may expire and you may lose your bonus. Another thing to remember here is that a 1xBet deposit bonus cannot be used with any other promotional offer.

Please make certain that you fulfill first deposit bonus conditions so you can have a wonderful experience when using your 1xBet bonus.

Main 1xBet bonus rules

Claim bonus 130 euro

Main 1xBet bonus rules

Please follow all 1xBet bonus rules while making your initial deposit and receiving the bonus. You can browse through them in the Terms & Conditions section but a simplified version is stated below for your ease.

  • Make your initial deposit, which can be as little as €1.00. A 100% bonus will be given to you and you can use it now.
  • After receiving your initial deposit bonus, turn it in five times using accumulator bets.
  • A minimum of 3 events is required for turnover.
  • Odds for these 3 events must be 2 in 5 or better.
  • Your region should be in proxy of the platform to avail of the bonus. Check the list of the available regions before making any move.
  • You should use your deposit within thirty days of receiving it, if you fail to do so the bonus will be terminated.

Important 1xBet happy Friday bonus

Claim bonus 130 euro

Important 1xBet happy Friday bonus rules

1xBet deposit bonus & 1xBet welcome bonus aren’t the only offers presented to you by this platform. The following are some other great promotions offered by the infamous bookmaking platform.

  1. Jackpots every day. Some very fantastic Jackpot bonuses come up every day. The jackpot bonus requires you to bet on a prize pool when you start betting. Every available casino game is offered through this excluding a few like Roulette, Pachinko, 21 Online, PF Roulette, and PF Dice.
  2. Lucky Friday. Everyone loves Fridays. Bookmakers know that as well so they have taken it to the next level with a bonus promotion. Lucky 1xBet Friday bonuses give you an opportunity to claim 100 EUR every Friday. Amazing offer right? Obviously, before entering the promotion you need to know 1xBet Happy Friday bonus rules in order to avoid any problems.
  3. Lucky Day. There are daily promotions as well. One might wonder how does the 1xBet bonus work for a daily promotion. Lucky Day promotions are quite simple actually. You just require a token from the offer page which gives you the chance of winning promo points. Winners are chosen on a random basis. If you are picked, it’s your lucky day.
  4. €10 Bets with No Risk. Placing a no-risk bet is amazing as this ensures you get refunded. So how will this 1xBet bonus promo work? You just need to place some bets after the offer starts. You will be included automatically. You will use your own money to gamble and in case you lose, the money will be returned to you. This bonus is just amazing.
  5. X2 Promotion for Wednesdays. If you fulfill Friday bonus rules and avail that offer, you also have the eligibility to participate in Wednesday promotions. You can win €100 by placing five bets on a sporting event that has odds of 1.40 or higher. It doesn’t require mentioning that you must have at least 1 EUR in your account to avail of this offer. Bonus 1xBet Wednesday offer is really great and gives you chances to win exciting prizes.
  6. Birthday Bonus. Birthdays are joyous occasions and bonus doubles the joy by offering you a birthday bonus. Bonus use of this promotion is entirely for you to decide. Obviously, few 1xBet bonus rules are needed to be followed to avail of this offer. You can know more about them in the Terms & Conditions section.

Clearly, there are multiple promotions going on, so you can access everything ranging from Monday bonus, Friday bonus, Wednesday bonus, and many more. You also can avail 20 bonus, a 500 bonus & many other that you may receive.

1xBet Happy Friday bonus

Claim bonus 130 euro

1xBet Happy Friday bonus conditions

Do you desire to avail of Lucky Friday promotion? If so, there are a set of 1xBet Happy Friday bonus rules which you must follow.

These bonus rules are as follows:

  1. Activating your bonus 1xBet required you to make an initial deposit of at least 1 EUR.
  2. The deposit will activate the bonus, after that you need to wager this amount three times for the next complete day. Following this part of Happy Friday bonus rules is very important.
  3. A 100% bonus for a maximum of 100 EUR deposit.
  4. You are only entitled to a single bonus.
Claim bonus 130 euro

Getting your 1xBet bonus account

Celebrating its customers is the best aspect of 1xBet. But you wanna know what’s even cooler? The equality with which each customer is treated. Regardless of the fact that whether you have just joined this platform and received your very first 1xBet deposit bonus or any other type of bonus, a bonus account is accessible to you.

VIP Cashback plan is awarded to you through which you can win cashback bonus. You might wanna know how to avail of this perk. The following are the steps to obtain your bonus account.

  1. Get your promo code. Now enter the casino. By doing so you have achieved Copper level stature.
  2. Play any casino game from the options presented to you. Slots and Live Casino are an example of that. This will enhance your experience and you will be able to progress further with a 1xBet bonus account.
  3. Earn as many points as possible, they will get you cashback. By some hard work, you can reach VIP level status.
  4. Cashback can be withdrawn at any desired time. Please note you can withdraw cashback only once a week.

1xBet deposit bonus

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1xBet bonus use: games list

While working on your VIP account status, you will notice one thing, that thing is bonus 1xBet games. Developers have included some amazing casino games on this platform. You can enjoy these games and enhance your betting skills while increasing your chance of receiving a 1xBet bonus. Having a bonus account helps you grow your status.

Some bonus 1xBet games options included on the platform are:

  • Baccarat
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Poker

By playing these, your games bonus journey will be a lot more fun.

How to use 1xBet bonus

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How to use 1xBet bonus: summary

After joining the 1xBet platform, many questions might have popped up in your head regarding available bonus options. You might wonder how to use a 1xBet bonus, bonus terms, and conditions. You may be wondering about a 1xBet deposit bonus etc. Additionally, you might be wondering about setting up your account and how it’s done.

Now that you have reached here, you must know by now what are bonus offers and what is your bonus for the first deposit. It’s not very hard, you just need some guidance regarding when using your bonus 1xBet for the first time.

By now, we hope you have received the answers regarding redeeming your bonus, how to use a bonus and withdrawing your 1xBet bonus.

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